What are the different modes of payment that I can opt?

You can make the payment via Paypal and by using your credit/debit cards. We accept payment through all major cards like VISA, American Express, Maestro, etc.

Is Cash-on-delivery a payment option?

Yes, cash on delivery is also a payment option.

Can I pay for my order partially?

We do not provide an option to make payment partially; you need to pay the entire transaction amount at the time of placing an order.

Is it safe to give my credit card details over the internet?

Sharing your credit card details over the internet with is completely safe as we use special credit card security technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and 3D user authentication scheme to process online payments. This technology encrypts your credit card number and makes it unreadable while the information travels over internet.

My total order amount is showing in INR, but I want to make the payment in a different currency?

We provide you an option to make payment in AED, please choose your preferred currency from the available options to make the payment.

Can I pay by Wire transfer?

Currently, we do not have wire transfer payment option available on our website. Kindly, select from other modes of payment to make purchase.

Do you accept payments via PayPal?

Yes, we do accept payments through PayPal.

Can I make payment through Western Union Money transfer?

Please contact for more details.

What are Cross Border Fees or International Transaction Fees?

We do not charge any international transaction fee, but the same is charged by you bank whose credit/debit card you are using to make purchase. Cross border or International transaction fees is usually charged by the banks, for which they sometimes even refuse to take responsibility. Incase you are being overcharged in the name of Cross Border or International Transaction fee, kindly get in touch with your respective for further information.

I do not have a PayPal Account. How do I make the payment?

It’s OK if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still make payment from your credit/debit card using PayPal at

How will I know if you have received my payment?

We will send you an order confirmation email along with order details as soon as we receive the payment.

If I have someone in India can he/she make the payment in India on my behalf and can you deliver it to me directly?

Yes anyone can make the payment on behalf of you from India and deliver it you directly. We have introduced new payment gateway CCavenue for the customer who are making payments from India and want their order shipped outside India.

Do I need to register with PayPal in order to make payment through it?

No, it is not necessary to register with PayPal to make payment through it at EthnicKhazana.